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Artist Statement 

I am captivated by the human form, by the way that a gesture can speak to us. While my sculpted figures convey authentic human emotions and relationships, they serve as archetypes that transcend the context of their story. Through contemplation of biblical and contemporary themes, I create sculptures that explore spiritual truth through simplicity and beauty. I wrestle with paradoxical themes of suffering and redemption, grief and comfort, sacrifice and blessing.

I believe that the emotional weight of a sculpture is best expressed through the gesture. With minimal detail and substantial volume, my figures suggest iconic, historical symbols, yet remain stylistically modern. Modern figurative sculptors like Aristide Maillol, Marino Marini, Antoine Bourdelle, Ernst Barlach, Henry Moore, and my mentor, contemporary artist, Simon Kogan influence my work.

I am compelled to find the single gesture that captures the essential meaning of a story and speaks to me on multiple levels.  While the creative process is deeply personal—an expression of my life’s journey, my convictions, and struggles—I discover myself and the world in new light as I sculpt in clay. I cast my sculptures in bronze to bring permanence and radiance to the figures, and to maximize the interplay of light, shadow, and weight in three-dimensional space.