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Karen has been commissioned to sculpt Saint Francis and Saint Clare. 

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A Simple Tool that Simplifies

Sometimes it seems to me that with more devices and connectivity, our lives get more complicated, not less. That’s why I’m always happy to discover a new tool that I can pick up instantly and that helps me stay organized without requiring an hour on technical support or a manual to use.

My latest find is Wedoist (the group version of Todoist). My Business Manager and I had a simple need: to see each other’s task lists and to assign tasks to each other. Wedoist does just this, and that’s about it.

What’s great about Wedoist is that adding a task or completing a task takes just one click, and I don’t have several choices to make about the place, the due date, the urgency, the project association, or the people involved for every task. I can enable these features if I want, but those fields are out of the way unless I need them.

Also, those who are aesthetically-inclined will be pleased with the clean and minimal design, which you can customize with logo, colors, and fonts.

Wedoist is currently working on a mobile app for this product (Todoist already has one).I recommend this to anyone who needs to collaborate with someone else to create a list of any kind.


Space for Contemplation

Hunting Library botanical gardens los angelesHuntington Library Botanical Gardens, Los Angeles

When you love your job, pulling yourself away to rest, think, and pray can be difficult. I tend to loose track of time and place when I am sculpting, and unless my muscles or a phone call remind me to stop, I could sculpt for hours without stopping. 

I've learned that giving my soul and body time to breath improves the quality of my creative time. In addition to taking breaks during each work day (I often set my alarm as a reminder), I also take a day every few weeks to go somewhere beautiful. Creativity isn't just about output; we also need to feed our souls with beauty.

One of my favorite places to rest and renew is the Huntington Library in Pasadena. Great art and world-class landscaping are yours to explore for $15 on weekdays and $20 on weekends. Also, the first Thursday of each month is free.

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