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St. Jude

St. Jude was one of the twelve apostles, and a close relative of Jesus. When the king of Edessa was desperately ill, he sent for Jesus to come and heal him. In response, the disciples sent Jude along with a cloth bearing the image of Christ. Whether this cloth was a painting of Christ's face, his burial shroud, or the result of Jesus pressing his face into a piece of fabric, we do not know. Nonetheless, the story goes, that when St. Jude brought the image of Jesus to Edessa, the king was healed and converted to Christianity.

St. Jude was an “image-bearer” of Christ, both in the object he carried with him, and the Spirit of Christ within him. In this, he brought the compassion and healing power of Christ to the king and the entire city of Edessa. We, too, are image-bearers of God, when we show compassion and serve those who are in need. In this sculpture, St. Jude is shown with a club, depicting the method of his martyrdom. He wears a shroud around his shoulders and an emblem around his neck, each with the image of Christ upon it. He is the patron saint of desperate situations, physicians, and hospitals.

bronze | 3/4-life-size | edition of 9