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The Story of the
Ugandan Sisters

The girls who inspired Ugandan Sisters


On a trip to Africa, I had the privilege of visiting a village in Uganda. As the days went on, I was captivated by the children, who play an important role in caring for one another. 

I was particularly drawn to the girls in this photo, as I observed their beauty, tenderness, and care for one another. When I arrived at home and looked at my photographs, this image seemed to represent the difficulty of life in the African bush and the wonderful children that I encountered there. I was inspired to sculpt.

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Common Questions

Do I have to purchase a sculpture that is already created? 
No. Often collectors may commission an original piece for a special event, family member, or charitable cause.

What does "edition" mean?
Unless a piece is commissioned as one-of-a-kind, all sculptures are part of an edition. This means that only a set number of pieces will be cast of the same original mold. Every number in an edition is as valuable as the others, since the artist personally refines each piece.

If I order a numbered edition, how long will it take to arrive? 
Depending on the foundry schedule, a sculpture takes between four to eight weeks to be cast and shipped or delivered to the collector.

To Collect Art is to Collect Stories

Simon Kogan's JonahSimon Kogan's Jonah, in my home collection

When I select art to be displayed in my home, I look for pieces that speak to me on an emotional level, and I want them to speak in new ways over time. I can't look at works of art without thinking of the artist and the story that inspired him.

On this website you will read the stories behind my sculptures, written in the Artist Statements in my gallery pages. Human stories of growth, discovery, relationships, and triumph are the sparks that ignite my creative process.


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